About the JS Dinghy Cruising Club

This is what we do……..

The JS Dinghy Cruising Club offers opportunities to enjoy dinghy sailing in a variety of waters in the company of others.

We sail on large lakes and salt water, with the occasional river sail. Events are organised for the pure enjoyment of sailing and almost always involve camping of some sort- be that in a tent or motorhome.  

  We organise sailing events for days, weekends and holiday weeks at a range of inland and coastal waters.

At salt water venues, where the weather, currents and sea state can be considerably more challenging, the Club frequently operates in a flotilla, in the interests of safety and as a social activity, although taking part in one is not compulsory.

We operate an open and inclusive crewing philosophy: if we can possibly arrange it then no one who wants to sail is left on the beach.

This is what we don’t do…… JS Dinghy Cruising Club is not a training organisation, although there is always something to learn about sailing!. The Club doesn’t possess its own water or have its own Clubhouse, it doesn’t organise racing or take part in races.

Eckington bridge


The Club will not take risks with your safety. But the decision as to whether to set sail or not will always be your own responsibility.


The Club invites competent (if inexperienced) sailors to apply for membership. Competence might be  shown by an acceptable sailing qualification or evidence of experience, at our discretion.

Boat ownership is not a condition of membership, as members generally welcome competent crew. However, if you do own a boat and wish to use it at JS events, we will expect you to be adequately insured.

In the spirit of inclusivity, the whole family unit (where appropriate) is considered to be the member, provided at least one member of the family unit meets the competence requirement. The current annual single subscription has been held at £15.00 for 2016 and the joint/ family membership is the princely sum of £20-00 per year!

Meetings and Non-sailing activities

Club life includes a strong social element, with off-water events such as barbeques, dinners, skittles and other social events during the year. These are not compulsory to attend but are great fun. Members arrange informal groups to share transport to boat shows, boat jumbles etc.


Meetings and Activities 2018

The Club holds regular monthly meetings which are held, usually on the 4th Wednesday 
of each month at Upton Warren Outdoor Centre (opposite Webbs of Wychbold). 
It is at these meetings that we  discuss events and arrangements, all members are encouraged 
to attend and new members or especially welcomed.
Meeting dates  all are Wednesdays. Venue as above 

Programme for 2018

Sailing Events

Spring Bank Holiday (Whitsun) Weekend

Tidal Sea Sail      28th May  (@ Chichester Harbour    Cobnor Estate

Lake Sail             15/16th June   Bala Glan- Llynn Campsite

July  Venue under discussion

Tidal Sea Sail       1/2 Sept          Chichester Harbour / Cobnor Estate

Other Events

Annual Dinner 14th April at Bromsgrove

BBQ                      14th July

AGM                      28th November


A Peaceful start at Bala- its not always like that!
If you have recently learned to sail or already belong to a sailing club and just want to enjoy different types of sailing then JS Dinghy Cruising Club could be for you.

What have you to lose?

Come along to a meeting and find out about us!

For an application form or for any other information

email: commodore@jsdinghycruising.org.uk


About jsdinghycruising

I am the Commodore of a dinghy cruising club called the JS Dinghy Cruising Club. We are based around Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK. We arrange opportunities for experienced dinghy sailors to take their boats to the coast and enjoy sailing in large areas (often tidal) of more challenging water than a reservoir, where most dinghy sailors learn to sale. We have about 30 active members but are always looking for fresh blood, fresh ideas and new places to sail.
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